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A global leader in the paint and coatings industry, Valspar came to us with a challenging problem to solve: the average consumer makes up to five trips to the paint aisle before purchase. What’s more, the anxiety involved in selecting a color could sometimes overwhelm consumers to the point of simply abandoning their projects altogether which leads to lost sales.

As such, we were tasked with reducing the number of trips consumers took by instilling some “color confidence.” The result? A compelling digital experience that allowed users to explore paint color based on their needs, whether it was to be inspired, find a specific color or explore color palettes to accelerate purchase decisions.


Research and collaboration were essential to fulfill the client’s ask. After working with their color scientists, researchers and stakeholders, we created the Valspar Discover Your Color Device, an innovative yet intuitive digital in-store display that guides users through the world of color based on identified consumer pathways to purchase.

Fueled on the backend with algorithms that cut across thousands of colors and variations, the experience could satisfy needs and wants across a wide spectrum of consumers from the total novice to the home improvement expert. It was also driven by color science and shopping behavior data, linking aesthetics and emotions to inspire consumers’ creativity and self-expression as well as providing insights to help direct buying behavior.

Once users completed the experience, they were led to the paint swatches that matched their unique needs with the option to save and email colors. No swatch samples or fan decks needed.

Lowe's Color Quiz display


The solution was premiered at an Innovation Showcase at the Valspar Championship PGA tournament prior to deployment in select Lowes locations and eventually via a microsite. The solution was also showcased at marketing summits and nominated for awards by various industry associations. Soon after Valspar was acquired by Sherwin-Williams.

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