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A nationally recognized brand of freshly canned tomatoes and green chilies, RO*TEL wanted to sustain consumer interest during the post-Super Bowl off-season with something that would keep the brand top of mind while engaging their audiences.

Our response: an integrated marketing campaign centered around a recipe contest that not only generated serious buzz, but also had consumers running for seconds.


As a leading brand of ConAgra’s extensive portfolio, RO*TEL had a built-in fan base—one we wanted to capitalize on and expand. So we launched the RO*TEL Across America Recipe Contest, a custom campaign set to rouse foodies across the country.

Incorporating user-generated content, email opt-in as well as social media advertising and sharing, the contest drove significant levels of engagement with an average of 7 minutes spent on the site per visit.

Once the submission period ended, a judging panel led by influential blogger Deep South Dish evaluated the entries, garnering rich interactions across multiple channels.

Having an on-brand influencer lead the judging was another key tactic: it simultaneously increased how many consumers we reached while boosting the campaign’s momentum.

Tying it all together was a custom Google Maps plugin, giving easy access to all the recipes and denoting the state each recipe came from.

When the campaign ended, we topped it off by providing RO*TEL with not only another means of content development, but also a stocked asset library for them to utilize in the future. When all was said and done, we proved that running a smart campaign can produce both impactful content and engagement no matter the barrier to entry.



Unique recipes


Average Time Spent On site, Browsing Recipes

Largest YoY Sales Lift: "ConAgra Brand of the Year" Award