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Meeting at
the Finish Line


Trusted by millions of health-conscious consumers for their best-in-class manufacturing practices and formulas, the International Vitamin Corporation (IVC) has helped families live healthier lives with products like Stresstabs®, SpongeBob SquarePants™ vitamins and more. But when it came to launching a whey protein supplement aimed at endurance athletes, IVC knew they needed something more to stand out in a noisy, hyper-competitive category.


Everyone knows that a well-informed consumer is the most likely to convert to a buyer, so when we began developing a launch strategy for IVC’s new IRONMAN® Protein, we determined that an aggressive trial and sampling program would be imperative to a successful market entry.

We kickstarted our sampling efforts by designing and developing a simple, clean and easy-to-navigate microsite. The experience featured a detailed analysis of the product’s nutritional benefits, which was not only imperative to reaching such a niche and discerning audience, but also prompted early trial long before IRONMAN® Protein hit the shelves.

In fact, we quickly exhausted our inventory of free trials and continued to drive demand well through the following free sample production cycles.


Immersed in the IRONMAN® community, we began to observe more and more demand for content created for and by professional endurance athletes. Rather than attempt to emulate such a precise audience tone and expression, we opted instead to bring the triathletes to the people.

Cue the IRONMAN® Protein Instagram Takeover! After vetting over 80 professional IRONMAN® triathletes and endurance athletes, we invited just seven to "take over" the IRONMAN® Protein Instagram for a single weekend.

Influencers ranged from three-time IRONMAN® champions to marathon runners and athletic coaches. Each brought their own unique perspective to the account, sharing insider tips, meal preparation advice and an authentic behind-the-scenes look at what goes into endurance training.



Increased content production and cadence by over five times


Reached over 202k potential new IRONMAN® Protein fans

Generated record quality engagement and increased search demand