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Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurants has been experiencing major growth with their award-winning beers and fresh, modern cuisine. All good news but with more contenders spending larger budgets popping up, they knew they needed a nimble, flexible partner who could outsmart rather than outspend to get to the next level, drive increased traffic and compete.

Our task in simplest terms: be the edge. Via fresh branding creative and a laser focused media strategy, we were able to help elevate their brand, build store traffic and introduce the competitive advantage digital can power.


Leveraging a multifaceted approach—including highly geo-targeted paid search campaigns, effective internet radio media and a new focus on brand building—we immediately set out to generate measurable impact for Iron Hill’s Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey restaurants.

Our strategy was guided by two major objectives: motivate increased store traffic and elevate the Iron Hill branding and creative. The result was a proven digital marketing foundation that set the bar for future creative and strategic endeavors.

Oktoberfest beer can design
Crusher beer can design
Russian imperial stout beer can design
Reindeer's revenge beer can design
Beer Froth


Despite the handcrafted quality of their beer, Iron Hill’s packaging of their seasonal beer releases fell short when it came to consistency and style. So we resolved to craft a new look that reflected not just their unique perspective as a brand, but also the distinct flavors of each beer.

We brought each seasonal beer to life with a specific character that embodied its taste and personality. Collaborating with illustrators enabled us to create custom designs that complemented our vision and strategy for a consistent look across cans that extended into in-store signage, t-shirts, digital and other branded print and point-of-sale collateral.

Russian imperial stout promotional poster

But we didn’t stop there. We amplified the impact, integrating the elevated brand elements into display banners, email and social.

Reindeer's revenge promotional poster

Stacking the Media Deck

Next we significantly upped Iron Hill’s media game in relative scale and focus. Using a cross-channel strategy of paid search, display and streaming audio, we focused on driving reservations for the most efficient return on investment.

Our media strategy and recommendations were tailored to the unique strengths of each channel, with relentless optimizations made to improving on benchmark CPAs. With a single digital media calendar for all locations, we also optimized our plan to key promotional periods like the seasonal beer releases.

A strategic lens was essential to engender the most store traffic conversions. We targeted specific demographics with programmatic media retargeting and geotargeting near Iron Hill locations to efficiently reach the maximum number of potential diners. Our strategy, plan and on-going optimization shattered benchmarks time and time again.

Handcrafted doesn't stop at the beer

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Iron Hill Brewery Ad
Oktoberfest Ad
Oktoberfest Ad
Iron Hill Brewery Ad
Oktoberfest Ad
Oktoberfest Ad



Below target CPA by campaign's end


Successful new beer releases


Lift in overall CTR throughout campaign