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Winning the game
of life (insurance)


Think a B2B brand can’t have a little fun? Think again.

The digital marketing era has yielded some of the most creative and human B2B marketing we’ve ever seen—and more and more B2B brands are treating their prospects and customers like consumers. They educate, entertain, inform and wow.

Aon Affinity is one of those brands. Trusted by more than 200 associations, nonprofit and professional organizations, Aon Affinity develops, markets andadministers customized insurance programs for affinity organizations big and small.

So when it came to educating (and engaging) accounting and CPA professionals, Aon Affinity looked to Netplus to meet an interesting challenge: make evaluating and planning for life and long term disability insurance fun!


Our solution? An easy-to-use interactive insurance calculator (one for life insurance, and one for long-term disability), which walked accounting professionals through a painless and fun survey game to determine the type and level ofinvestment they needed in insurance.

As the user progressed through the experience, the calculator factored in important variables like age, gender and geography of the user. Peppered with engaging animations and intuitive calls to action, the calculator experience concluded with a print-friendly shareable quote, as well as links to appropriate professionals to quote and, ultimately, sell the policy.

In the end, the calculator succeeded across several fronts:

  • Attracted high usage among its target audience
  • Provided CPA professionals with quick read of their insurance needs
  • Gave insurance brokers valuable insight on what their customers needed
  • Resulted in substantial website and sales conversions.

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Emboldened by the success of the first iteration of the InsuranceVille, Aon Affinity reached back out to Netplus with plans to enhance and optimize the existing calculator.

The new and improved version leveraged third-party survey data from Usabilla, a user-feedback provider. Using non-personally identifiable information, the two partners passed calculator inputs and values to the Aon Affinity database, which culminated in highly robust insights that helped customer and brand create customized solutions that worked for accounting professionals.

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