NOVEMBER 6, 2018 — Netplus invited a party of 20 local food and beverage executives to a networking event called Philly Supper Club where we gathered to talk shop about the hot topics and trends influencing our industry. Attendees were encouraged to participate in a series of roundtable discussions. Speakers included…

  • Jared Cannon, Founder & CEO at Simply Good Jars
  • Tom Carusona, Chief Marketing Officer at Insomnia Cookies
  • Keith Christy, Host of “The Restaurant Life With Keith Christy”
  • Veronica Mckee, Vice President, Marketing at Philly Pretzel Factory

Technology & Transparency

Common themes of the discussion included the exponential growth of delivery options for both restaurant and consumer packaged goods brands, leveraging technology for marketing and lowering barriers when it comes to enticing consumers to your restaurant. Interestingly, each roundtable seemed to agree that, despite an exponential increase in options, technology and data, that humanizing your brand was paramount to succeeding both in a digital landscape, as well as in modern eating culture.

“One of the most fascinating things that came out of the conversation is that, despite the technology aspect of data, it really comes down to the human. “ — Veronica Mckee, Vice President, Marketing at Philly Pretzel Factory

Back to Basics

Consumer identity, convenience and transparency were also a hot topic of conversation. For consumers and brands alike, it’s no longer enough to be one thing. For example, consumers are as hungry for highly specified, highly nutritional food as they are for super indulgent snacks. That’s what makes empathy and understanding for who your audience is so critical to the future of food and beverage.

“Sometimes we get lost with shiny objects and these new exciting things. We forget to look at who are the consumers? What are the needs we’re trying to solve for? And how can we solve for them with digital media?” -Tom Carusona, Chief Marketing Officer at Insomnia Cookies


Philly Supper Club is an invite-only event series for food and beverage executives. For more information on upcoming events or speaker opportunities, reach out and say hello!