This morning Pinterest rolled out their new profile pages. They have a much cleaner look and are reminiscent of Facebook Timeline.

If you haven’t heard of the popular niche social network, Pinterest, it’s a social bulletin board where people can post pictures they’d like to save and share. The site is catching on fast, with about 10 million monthly users, 4 million more than Facebook had a year after their launch in 2005.

Other impressive stats about the site are that users are spending an average of a hour and 17 minutes on the site per day and Pintrest drives the same amount of traffic as Twitter. One in every five Facebook users has their account connected to Pinterest. For these reasons, many brands are working Pinterest into their social media strategy.

We have been recommending the site to some of our clients and have also tried it out ourselves! Follow us here.

Below is a comparison using our profile.

Original Profile –

New profile –

Are you on Pinterest? What do you think of the updated profile page?