More often than not, Brittany and I can be found sending Instagram posts, ads, memes, and dogs back and forth. Whether it’s one post or falling way too far into a black hole of astrology memes, it’s safe to say we spend a lot of time on Instagram. And since it’s basically our jobs to judge other people’s social content, we decided to round-up some of our favorite, most binge-worthy accounts to date.



Follow For: Animal content that will make you laugh and then cry.


Follow For: The cuteness without the tears.


Follow For: The 13/10 Very Good Boys.


Follow For: All the dog memes you never knew you needed.

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Literally could be my desk. Do you miss your dog?

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Follow For: Astrology memes that will make you feel extremely seen.


Follow For: Snarky, illustrated satire that will have you cackling at your phone in public.


Follow For: Irreverent posts starring the royal family. 

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“I wasn’t in the mood for a fucking photo.”

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Follow For: Beautiful food photos that will inspire you to cook tonight.


Follow For: Recipes that are so easy and affordable, you’ll want to try them all.


Follow For: Mouth-watering photos of everything from the newest junk food to savory restaurant visits and everything in between.



Follow for: A daily dose of inspiration. 


Follow For: Fashion inspiration. Arielle recently released her own clothing line through Nordstrom!


Follow For: All the DIY inspiration you’ll need to get through the winter.


Follow for: Beautiful plant and lifestyle photos. Warning: you may feel the need to start a greenhouse in your home.