Philly Food and Beverage Executives Look Towards Future (Recap)

NOVEMBER 6, 2018 — Netplus invited a party of 20 local food and beverage executives to a networking event called Philly Supper Club where we gathered to talk shop about the hot topics and trends influencing our industry. Attendees were encouraged to participate in a series of roundtable discussions. Speakers included… Jared Cannon, Founder & CEO at Simply Good Jars Tom Carusona, Chief Marketing Officer at Insomnia Cookies Keith Christy, Host of “The Restaurant Life With Keith Chri... Read More

The Future of Specialty Foods is Made Just For You

A sales rep from a small Spanish cheese company lifts a perfectly modern glass cloche and cuts an asymmetrical piece of semi-firm sheep’s milk cheese. She extends her hand my way, beckoning me to come over. Her table is covered with practical (but still beautiful) brown recycled paper, with various cheeses placed directly on the paper. Aside each cheese is a name, handwritten, and a few select qualifiers or tasting notes. The handwriting is somewhere in between legible and illegible, like it... Read More

2016 Virtual CSS Summit: What We Learned

Hello, my name is Ethan Kramer. I am on the technology team here at Netplus. On July 26, 2016, our team attended the 2016 Virtual CSS Summit hosted by Environment for Humans. CSS (short for Cascading Style Sheets) is the de facto programming language used to give web pages their visual flair. The three day conference included speakers from the following companies: Google Litmus (an email testing and analytics software company) GreenSock (a company that prides themselves on the software they c... Read More