Amazon Prime Day was exciting for the hundred million or more Prime members and for Amazon certainly but also for a number of authoritative publications who are creating curated lists of the best of Prime Day deals. Two that caught our eye today included Wired’s ranked list of the best in electronic deals as well as Epicurious’ reveal of kitchen gadgets on discount.

Each publication included a link to an article on their own site via email with links to the Amazon deals increasing their own page visits and helping their SEO with highly relevant links. It doesn’t appear to be the case for Wired or Epicurious, but no doubt some SEO and affiliate marketers will be mining the list approach to siphon off a bit of the Amazon bounty.

The content from trusted sources is relevant, timely, valuable and a natural fit for their audiences, enhancing their established position as experts and gaining a halo effect from Amazon’s marketing efforts at little cost to themselves. It’s a win-win-win.