How To Create Inclusive User Personas For Your Business

Typically, when a company or marketer is trying to outline their ideal customer, they start developing a “persona.” A persona has traditionally been made up of a set of demographics and characteristics that helps brands be laser-focused in their content, website, and targeting practices. But as the internet gets more and more ingrained in our daily lives, cracks are starting to show in the practice of how those personas are determined. In nearly all cases, one size does not fit all, and pers... Read More

How to write a killer RFP

Originally published on Request for proposal (RFP): The mere phrase makes some cringe. And while we all have somewhat different perspectives, there is some universality in the RFP experience that we share. And I regret to report that overall, it is not very good. A general consensus among folks that I reached out to is that the RFP process is broken and does not align with the dynamics of our industry. It is an antiquated mechanism that supports laziness and suboptimal results. However, very... Read More

Tablets Transform Behaviors Both at Home and at Work

Originally published on We all know about the rising tide of tablet purchases fueled by the recent release of the Apple iPad 3 and the multichannel surfing behaviors that consumers display now that they’re armed with a portable, convenient consumption device. It appears to be a bigger and more transformative shift than just the consumer world of surfing, chatting, and shopping, though. Tablets are also changing the business world. A January study by IDG documented the rise of tablet de... Read More

Rich Snippets – Increasing your Organic Traffic

About Rich Snippets Rich Snippets were introduced by Google in 2009. Rich Snippets are lines of additional information that appear near an organic search result. Rich Snippets are designed to give the user a sense of what a web site might contain. The main goal of Rich Snippets is to help people make a decision before they click, thus increasing the click through rate from organic search results. It is a visual way to display products, prices, and reviews quickly. So let’s do a simple tes... Read More

10 Useful SEO Tips

.specialList li{margin-bottom: 20px;} Be patient – SEO does not magically improve everything about your traffic all at once. Especially in smaller websites with only a few hundred or thousand visitors, seeing significant increases can take several months to a year. Don’t forget the basics – The basic rules of SEO should always be followed. This includes having meta descriptions and titles, alt tags on images, titles on links, and using relevant 301 redirects and having a rob... Read More

Netplus February/March 2012 Update

  CLIENT NEWS Merck has selected Netplus to assist with the launch of several Facebook applications in support of their publication; The Merck Manuals. We’re looking forward to elevating the Merck presence among physicians, veterinarians, families and pet owners. To do this, we are building a set of interactive quizzes that will test the visitors’ knowledge in fun ways and give them a chance to earn prizes in the process. Products will be highlighted, awareness wil... Read More

Architecture of a different kind.

From digital wireframes and site architecture to site plans and elevations, two disciplines in design merged for one night to help emerging talent learn how to pitch their big ideas. On Thursday, March 22, I took part in an event sponsored by the Philadelphia YAF (Young Architects Forum) and the Designated Sketcher called Elevator Pitch. ePitch was a fast-paced event where five young presenters were given five minutes — 30 seconds to pitch their idea and the remaining 4 1/2 minutes to explain... Read More

Dynamic Search Ads

What It Does Dynamic Search Ads target relevant searches with ads generated directly from your web site — dynamically. With Dynamic Search Ads, we maintain a fresh index of your inventory using Google’s organic web crawling technology. When a relevant search occurs, we dynamically generate an ad with a headline based on the query, and the text based on your most relevant landing page. The ad enters the auction and competes normally — but we’ll hold it back for any search ... Read More

A Few Rules for Finding Digital Discipline

Originally published on In my last column, “The Digital All-You-Can-Eat Buffet,” we explored the necessity of discipline in narrowing your digital tactics to those that you can afford and support. We may long to incorporate every device, channel, and targeting program available to us now in our expanded opportunity set, but it’s rare that we have the required budget available or can pull off such a fractured approach successfully. There is another kind of companion discipli... Read More

New Pinterest Profile Pages

This morning Pinterest rolled out their new profile pages. They have a much cleaner look and are reminiscent of Facebook Timeline. If you haven’t heard of the popular niche social network, Pinterest, it’s a social bulletin board where people can post pictures they’d like to save and share. The site is catching on fast, with about 10 million monthly users, 4 million more than Facebook had a year after their launch in 2005. Other impressive stats about the site are that user... Read More

4 Tips for Creating a Consistent Transmedia Content Strategy

Originally published on Content Marketing Institute At the office, at home, and on the go, consumers are digesting and interacting with content on multiple platforms in increasing numbers. As marketers and content strategists, we need to be able to anticipate and meet their needs to engage, connect, and motivate them — whenever and wherever they need information. At the heart of our ability to reach this goal is developing a consistent transmedia content strategy. A consistent transmedia co... Read More

The Digital All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Originally published on When presented with 30 feet of sumptuous choices, the tendency for many buffet restaurant patrons is to pile their plates with a little of this and a little of that until their plate is overflowing. We are just not good at prioritizing, making definitive choices, and walking away from some that aren’t as satisfying. While the visual and other sensory inputs spur consumers to gluttony, the food is usually inferior and warmed over – and probably sneezed on a... Read More

New Facebook Pages

This morning Facebook launched new pages for brands. We’ve explored our page and see the new format as an improvement and a great opportunity for the brands we work with. Here are some of the updates  – There is more room to be creative with the cover image. Links to the apps are at the top of the page, making them more visible to fans. Apps will now appear on a new page which has a cleaner look and more space for design and thus engagement through interactive experiences. Fans wi... Read More