Roman Zubarev

Client Strategy Director

All About SSL Certificates & Why You Need One Now

The TL;DR Version…   As of May 2018 Google Chrome is being used by 61% of users worldwide. Beginning in July 2018 Google Chrome 68 labeled HTTP websites without an SSL certificate as “Not secure” in the address bar. Brands are encouraged to migrate their sites from HTTP to HTTPS by adding an SSL certificate to retain trust with their users and avoid conversion rate decrease.   Image Courtesy Google Security Blog   The Whole Story… What is an SSL Certificate? SSL certific... Read More

Social Media ROI and Our Love of Infographics

Besides the two classic certainties of taxes and death, 2012 has rolled along with two for modern times. 1) More than ever marketers demand accountability and work to determine ROI on every dollar spent, Social Media included. and 2) Infographics will be developed for anything and everything that can be measured. Here at Netplus, we’ve been collecting our favorite Infographics like baseball cards. This one is especially worth a share as it relates directly to how several marketers have mea... Read More

Netplus Named a Social Media Star

We’re excited to announce that The Philadelphia Business Journal has named us as a Social Media Star for 2012. While recognizing our work with the Black & Decker brand, this award is representative of our proven integrated approach. The power of Social Media is ubiquitous. Our full service capabilities and business focus have enabled us to effectively integrate social across our programs, extending value, engagement and driving measurable results. As seen in these programs, we often harnes... Read More

Victory is Tweet – Social Media Propaganda Posters

I’m a big fan of wartime propaganda posters. Like the most effective brand posts  in our social feeds, these messages were always short and bold. Aaron Wood, the clever artist behind justonescarf design recently merged popular social channels and propaganda to create a series of beautiful posters that entertain and jokingly inspire. Take a look at my favorites below and be sure to visit Aaron’s Etsy store for a wider selection and to order prints.         &... Read More