Beth Cohen

Client Strategy Manager

How to Build Strong Client Relationships

At a recent networking event, I was having a lively conversation with a woman who enlightened me in her efforts to engage her clientele. Her secret? She makes it her mission to send a thank you note every day. The results were staggering. Clients were surprised and gracious, prospects became more receptive, even colleagues shifted their attitudes after receiving a card to show that their work was noticed and appreciated. A thank you card embodies what building great relationships is all about. I... Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Writing an Effective Creative Brief

Everyone knows that a good creative brief can make or break a project when it comes to advertising and marketing campaigns. Laziness, lack of preparation or lack of detailed direction can mean the difference between a strong foundation for the team—and, therefore, the ability to execute a campaign from concept to completion—or a complete breakdown in communication and missed opportunity in the end. Creative briefs help to solve any misunderstandings before people start getting to work. Our r... Read More