From digital wireframes and site architecture to site plans and elevations, two disciplines in design merged for one night to help emerging talent learn how to pitch their big ideas.

On Thursday, March 22, I took part in an event sponsored by the Philadelphia YAF (Young Architects Forum) and the Designated Sketcher called Elevator Pitch. ePitch was a fast-paced event where five young presenters were given five minutes — 30 seconds to pitch their idea and the remaining 4 1/2 minutes to explain all the details. That is no small feat even for a seasoned professional.

I served as a juror, alongside three other design professionals actively practicing architecture in the Philadelphia region. As the only juror presiding that was not an architect, I was able to give feedback from a different perspective.

Both the jury and audience gave feedback to the presenters in real time via Twitter and note cards (which were collected and distributed to presenters after the event). Overall, the feedback was consistent — a desire for presenters to be confident with their work and to help make the prospective ‘client’ own and embrace the core idea. That kind of confidence comes with experience. By taking part in events like this, it will no doubt help them in their pursuits for successful professional practice.

In closing, all design disciplines share the same core principles and I was honored that when looking outside their own discipline for jurors, the YAF offer was extended to me to participate on behalf of Netplus.