It seems that just about every week, Disney Land and Disney World release new, photo-ready foods that cause the internet to lose its mind. They somehow manage to keep making sweet treats that aren’t just delicious, but perfectly Instagrammable, too. But let’s face it: Disney is a million Kodak moments waiting to happen, and their Foodstagram game just brings it to the next level. People go to the parks and make everyone else jealous of the cool things available there, and of course, how bright, fun, and delicious their feed looks for the week. 

When it comes to food photography and Insta-worthy posts, here’s a healthy dose of magical inspiration for when you need it next, along with some quick tips to give all your food photos a little more sparkle.

Hint: Focus. Even if you’re just using your iPhone, it’s easier than ever to create this
look using Portrait Mode. Your patience will definitely pay off when it comes to these!

Hint: Get centered. Nothing keeps a photo beautifully simple like shooting it
on a plain background so that it can really stand out.

Hint: Use props! They balance our your picture and add an extra layer of detail.
Like this photo, when you’re doing a flat lay, you can use the utensils and decor that
you have around you, spreading it evenly for a quick but effective way to add depth
to your photo.

Hint: Use contrast. The bright pink and yellow of the Night Blossom drink combines
perfectly with the dark green of Animal Kingdom, making it stand out and catch
your attention.

Hint: Make it symmetrical. These drinks look mouth-watering on their own, but what
really drives this one home is the balance between the three of them making it even
more inviting!

Hint: Make it pop! Bright colors and a bright background can really help your photo stand
out. Once again the key is balance. Make sure if though your background is inviting, the subject
of the image is still the main event. In this case, who could say no to that Snowman Dole Whip!?

Make your own magic! Whether you’re at the Happiest Place on Earth, or just trying to learn from their magically mouth-watering Instagram followers, keeping these tips and tricks in mind will help bring your own foodstagram to the next level.