Ah, the holiday season. A time for shopping, last minute deadlines and a ton of amazing branded content. Despite the hustle and bustle of this week, we had to squeeze in a quick hit list of the top five brands that are spreading some holiday cheer. Check out the best of the best below!

1. Chipotle: Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift cards to restaurants or retailers are nothing new, but how brands promote the idea is another story. Case in point? Chipotle, which created a Holiday Gift Guide for every type of Chipotle fan. The ads were promoted on all their social channels for a multichannel campaign that both informed and charmed their fans.

2. New York Lottery: Bodega Cat

Who can resist a commercial featuring adorable animals, especially when it’s a thoughtful bodega cat? This ad will hit you right in the feels with its theme of giving for the holidays.

3. M&M’S: A Very Yellow Sequel

How do you follow up an iconic commercial you’ve been airing for the last 21 years? With a clever sequel, of course. M&M’S does just that with their newest ad to show the true meaning of Christmas.

4. John Lewis: Moz the Monster

Source: John Lewis via Adweek

No surprise here: John Lewis yet again came out on top with a poignant two-minute spot that plays on how to help any kids who need to get rid of any monsters under their beds, whatever the reason may be.

5. Toyota: R+S Holiday Commercial

Fact: if this ad doesn’t put a lump in your throat, nothing will. Get in the holiday spirit with Toyota’s latest holiday commercial.

What was your favorite holiday-themed content? Let us know!