When I first started at Netplus, one of the first things I noticed about my desk location was its proximity to the Spotify music station. We’re talking less than five feet away. The truth is it’s been both a blessing and a burden, but one that I’ve come to fully embrace. It also made me realize the impact that music has on my own creative process and the agency at large on a day-to-day basis.

Photo by Anton Ponomarev. Source: Unsplash

Music to Our Ears

There’s a reason why almost every member of the creative team has a pair of headphones. Whether it’s a full-on necessity to get into the groove of creativity or to simply focus on the task at hand, music can be a saving grace to power through our projects any day of the week.

“If music be the food of love, play on.” — William Shakespeare

I’ve definitely been in the position where a looming deadline is calling my name and after arming myself with a fresh cup of coffee, I plug in my headphones and dive deep into my work to churn out a plethora of copy. And in an open office like ours, sometimes music can be the perfect solution to create a “barrier of imagination” to get those creative juices flowing without completely blocking out the daily happenings of #agencylife.

And it’s not just speculation: there’s been various studies and articles written about how music affects our brains and can be a catalyst for creativity. As any creative will tell you, inspiration doesn’t happen in a vacuum and definitely not when you force it. Relaxing your mind and letting it wander can actually produce great, if not the best, results. And what promotes that more than your favorite playlist?

woman with headphones

Photo by Alice Moore. Source: Unsplash


But of course, the impact of music goes beyond the creative department, hence our Spotify station. When polled, the majority of employees prefer playing music as opposed to none at all and choose to listen to their own music while working with some regularity.

And as any person here will tell you, the music in our office can change genres by the hour. A day can easily go from hearing the Beatles to Frank Ocean to Blink 182—a clear reflection of our diverse music tastes and backgrounds. When asked to describe the music of Netplus in one word, responses included “fun” and “unapologetic” while 25% said “eclectic.”

But of course, the ever-changing atmosphere of the office, whether it be pensive, action-packed or anything in between, is a definite factor in our musical choices. The majority of people polled agreed: what genre we feel like listening to really depends on our #currentmood.



And in the fast-paced world of advertising, sometimes it can nice (if not necessary) to listen to something that reflects your frame of mind, both as a means to move beyond it or amplify your feelings. After all, there’s nothing like some ’90s hits on a Friday to celebrate the upcoming weekend.

In the end though, I think it goes without saying that we’re a better agency with our Spotify station than without. And for that, I’ll always be thankful.