Here at Netplus, we pride ourselves on being open to wild ideas and big asks. We work in small, cross-functional teams and offer a different kind of value to both our clients and employees: complete collaboration.

A perfect example: our creative department. After all, what’s digital marketing without some crazy creatives? But even though our backgrounds, disciplines and personalities may vary, we all share two things: a passion to produce awesome work for our clients and a love for bubble tea everything.

Bubble Tea Status: 💯

So to give a quick review to who we are and how we work, I polled some members of the team. Read on to hear some of their answers and learn more about us!

List three traits a person needs to succeed at Netplus.

“Passion. Stamina. Teamwork.” – Melanie, Design

“Flexibility. Accountability. Able to work well with others.” – Radnyee, Design

“Empathy for clients and their customers. An eagerness to collaborate. A second, third and fourth gear.” – Colleen, Content Strategy

What are the biggest challenges you face working as a creative?

“Bridging together client expectations and the ultimate creative produced so we’re all on the same page. Same goes for timing: sometimes we need to reconcile that disconnect and take a step back to avoid potential mishaps.” – Jessica, Copy

“Protecting the integrity of an idea as it winds it way through all of the constraints and challenges between concept and execution.” – Colleen, Content Strategy

How every creative feels sometimes. Source: GIPHY.

What do you like most about working here?

“Being able to work with talented, fun, awesome people.” – Basically everyone

“Every digital marketing opportunity is utilized to its maximum potential.” – Radnyee, Design

What do you look for in fellow teammates?

“Open-minded, creative, passionate, collaborative, fun.” – Shannon, Design

“Someone I can trust and respect. A team player who will help me out, be there to bounce ideas off of.” – Melanie, Design

Describe your creative process.

“I find creative inspiration from everyday life. I love looking at other people’s work to get inspiration for my social as well as for my own designs. Once I have an idea, I like to give it some substance, either on my own or with a designer to make it a reality.” – Brittany, Community Management

“I’m a big advocate of sketching! After the initial team brainstorm, I usually start a project by sketching out ideas and layouts on pen and paper before going to the computer. I also like looking for inspiration online.” – Shannon, Design

“Read the brief and get all the requirements down. Research and brainstorm followed by writing all the copy—it’s important to not self-edit too much when you’re starting. It’s always easier to winnow and parse through what you have to find what works best for the task at hand.” — Jessica, Copy

What do you look for in a creative leader?

“Someone who is a real dreamer. It’s easy to get caught in the creative rut of production, especially if you’ve been working on an account for a long time. That fresh perspective and forward-moving orientation is really valuable. Really shakes you out of the today and gets you thinking about tomorrow.” – Colleen, Content Strategy

“Someone who is able to execute ideas. A teacher. Someone who can make the best of any situation, someone who can stick up for their team and has vision.” – Brittany, Community Management

State a random fact about you.

“All of my fingers are double jointed.” – Shannon, Design

“I grew up with a 34-pound cat.” – Brittany, Community Management

“I have an IMDb page.” – Melanie, Design

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