Here at Netplus, we pride ourselves on being open to wild ideas and big asks. We work in small, cross-functional teams and offer a different kind of value to both our clients and employees: complete collaboration.

So when we grew our agency by not just one, but three new faces in the last several months, you could say we got pretty excited. Although they’re already deep in the trenches of our agency, we thought giving them some attention on our blog was long overdue. Read on to get to know Junior Project Manager Liz Rudkin, Senior Art Director Darren Taylor and Client Strategy Associate Sarah Skobeloff!

What were you doing prior to working at Netplus?

“Working as a designer and project manager at a wedding design firm.” – Liz, Project Management

“Working as an associate creative director primarily in healthcare marketing.” – Darren, Design

“Working in marketing for a 3D branding manufacturer.” – Sarah, Client Strategy

How did you find out about Netplus?

“The internet, specifically the AIGA Philly job board.” – Liz, Project Management

“Through a job posting on the AIGA Philly job board.” – Darren, Design

“A combo of word of mouth and the Philly Ad Club.” – Sarah, Client Strategy

Why did you want to work here?

“It seemed like a place where there were a lot of exciting things happening in a modern and fun work environment. Overall, I felt like it was a great place to work closely with creatives and develop my skills as a project manager.” – Liz, Project Management

“The people. The energy. The client roster. The full spectrum of service offerings.” – Darren, Design

“I wanted the experience of working at a full-service agency that was digitally focused. I was attracted to Netplus in particular because of their partnership with many different food and beverage companies. So I felt like there was a lot of potential for growth working here.” – Sarah, Client Strategy

What do you like most about working here?

“Working with fun, talented people on a daily basis. I learn a lot everyday and it doesn’t always feel like work in the typical sense.” – Liz, Project Management

“The complimentary skill set that exists through the array of talent possessed by everyone who works here. And the interesting lunch options that are in the surrounding area.” – Darren, Design

“The collaborative effort between teams to ultimately produce amazing creative. Everyone was also very helpful and patient when I was first learning the ins and outs of our clients, and it always feels like we’re very much in this together.” – Sarah, Client Strategy

Sarah & Liz at a photoshoot

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your position?

“As a project manager, I find the biggest challenge to be juggling timelines and priorities. Sometimes managing and prioritizing your own time is a challenge enough, let alone doing so for the entire creative team.” – Liz, Project Management

“As a senior art director, I think balance is definitely up there. To balance time between talking about the work and actually doing the work.” – Darren, Design

“Balancing the viewpoints of the clients and the internal team and accurately relaying all communications so nothing falls through the cracks. And of course managing last-minute requests while being mindful of everyone’s time and workload.” – Sarah, Client Strategy

What are you most proud of thus far?

“When I’m able to run a status meeting seamlessly. With so many people in one room, it can be hard to keep up and understand what exactly is going on so when everyone’s on the same page, it’s great. I’m also proud of how much I’ve learned in a few short months and to be able to help multiple teams stay on track.” – Liz, Project Management

“The continued great work for Steven Singer, specifically the creative for the upcoming holiday campaign. Also, our relationship and smart thinking for new clients, especially when it comes to evolving their brands for the future.” – Darren, Design

“That I have been able to learn so much so quickly and feel real ownership over certain client relationships. I’m also proud that I haven’t been afraid to ask questions since that is truly how the team grows and works more efficiently.” – Sarah, Client Strategy

What do you look for in fellow teammates?

“Flexibility and transparency. Being open and honest when something is not working or at risk is huge for the project management team so we can address the issue accordingly. Also, a good sense of humor is always welcome around the office.” – Liz, Project Management

“Mutual respect for others. Compassion for your craft. Great communication. Good sense of humor. Strong work ethic. Fun to be around.” – Darren, Design

“Patience and initiative, especially when working under pressure. People who can provide multiple solutions, but also aren’t afraid to challenge me or the client’s opinion if it’s for the greater good.” – Sarah, Client Strategy

State a random fact about you.

“My first pet was a rabbit named Rosie.” – Liz, Project Management

“I often dance in the kitchen to my daughters’ favorite songs much to their horror.” – Darren, Design

“In my spare time, I do mosaic art. I’ve been doing it for six years with my mom.” – Sarah, Client Strategy


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