With the holiday season soon approaching, AdWords managers are gearing up for the busiest time of year. As a result, most of their workflows are about to change dramatically, especially if they’re managing multiple large AdWords accounts. So how does a search marketer handle it all? Here are a few tips for managers to save time and ensure the success of campaigns for their large accounts.

Keep Your Priorities Straight

When managing a high-volume, high-spend search account, the process is the same, but at an accelerated level. For example, when you’re working with a large budget, all the optimizations you would typically do on a monthly basis are done a daily or weekly basis.

However, at the end of the day, it’s still AdWords and sticking to the right fundamentals is always a good way to start. Broadly speaking, a manager should:

  • Focus on the areas that will most likely help achieve the client’s goals and KPIs
  • Map out the campaign(s) based on budget allocation and traffic
  • Create a checklist to help manage all daily tasks

Stay Organized

This may seem obvious to some, but having a solid structure for your campaigns and ad groups is absolutely essential. When you use keywords based off of a specific theme, it ultimately helps keep campaigns relevant and ad groups tightly targeted.

Another important factor is clear and consistent naming conventions. Having these will not only make it easier to navigate around the account yourself, but will also allow anyone else looking at the account to know what’s going on. They can also help when it comes to distinguishing brand vs. non-brand activity since those perform differently and therefore should be managed differently with unique budgets.

In a similar vein, managers should use proper labelling to show similarities across different campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. It also allows you to test and analyze different messaging throughout a campaign period for future learnings beyond the holiday season. And in the end, it helps make reporting quick and painless.

Use the Tools at Your Disposal

To do anything efficiently requires maximizing the tools you have in front of you, and this idea definitely applies to managing large AdWords accounts. A search marketer should be using the following this holiday season if they aren’t already:

Adwords Editor

  • Helps manage and make optimizations across hundreds of ad groups and keywords quickly
  • Allows you to filter specific keywords from a large list and make quick bid adjustments. You can also do this with ad copy and switch out specific keywords within hundreds of ads.
  • Great for making bulk changes quickly

Keyword research tools

  • Enable you to build out a large amount of keywords quickly
  • Allow you to build out any keyword to find new opportunity areas


  • Great for organizing a large list of keywords and ad copy
  • Use for quick bulk uploads in AdWords and AdWords Editor

Take Advantage of Search Terms Report

Source: Google AdWords via Disruptive Advertising

There’s no better time than the holiday season to use Search Terms Report. A list of search terms that people have used before seeing your ad and clicking it, this report can be used to fine-tune your keywords so that your ad appears when it’s supposed to.

But how? For one, to add new keywords you may not have previously considered. Building out keywords that are relevant to ad group themes can lead to new opportunities and greater impact overall.

On the other side of the coin is finding negative keywords to exclude from your campaign. Monitoring which keywords don’t apply to your client’s business and that budget is wasted on is just as useful since it can save time and money. Lastly, you can use the report to use the shared library to help manage and apply a large list of negative keywords across multiple campaigns and ad groups. This will ultimately save you a lot of time when you’re managing various accounts simultaneously.

All in all, the holiday season can be a pretty hectic time for AdWords managers, but if you employ these tips for any of your large accounts, you’ll be able to ensure a very merry holiday for all.