Did everyone skip Thanksgiving this year? It seems the Black Friday and Cyber Week sales have all but taken over this food-lover’s holiday. In fact, we only observed a few brands taking real advantage of this special time for families (and family meals) to connect and engage with consumers.

But fear not. Here at Netplus, we never give up an opportunity to talk shop (food) with some of our favorite brands. Here’s who’s really bringing it to the table this year…

1. Stove Top made stretchy Thanksgiving dinner pants.

stovetop thanksgiving pants, thanksgiving

Source: Adweek / Stovetop

Branded apparel is fast becoming all the rage for the food and beverage industry—especially in the fast casual vertical. But, CPG heavy-hitter Stove Top surprised us with a truly out-of-the-box custom apparel idea: “stretchy thanksgiving pants.” Eat all you want, and the pants grow with you. No unbuttoning required.

Even Jason Biggs joined in on the fun (as a sponsor, of course).

2. Pringles throws back in retro Thanksgiving parody.

pringles thankgiving tv dinner

Source: Pringles via Facebook

We have to give a round of  applause to the Pringles marketing team for finding a clever way to insert their brand in a conversation that they typically wouldn’t be included in. Proving that the fun really don’t stop, the infamous Pringles chips took the opportunity to parody a classic Thanksgiving TV dinner with, you guessed it, chips. The result? Delightful, delicious humor.

3. McCormick proves there’s “No Flavor Like Home.”

friendgiving, mccormick friendsgiving quiz, thanksgiving

Source: McCormick’s

McCormick just crushes the Thanksgiving game. Their “No Flavor Like Home” campaign is an all around digital win—complete with an engaging personality quiz, social media ads and a 0:40 video spot that just gets you right in the feels. This campaign celebrates the brand’s 128 history in your favorite Thanksgiving flavors.

4. Camielle Styles and Target partner on Friendsgiving flair.

camille styles friendsgiving, thanksgiving

Source: Camille Styles

Target has forged an on-going partnership with lifestyle influencer, Camille Styles. The pair pulled out all the stops to help consumers create the most swoon-worthy Friendsgiving tablescapes and decor. Trust us: you’ll want to take a few notes.

5. Pillsbury won’t be outdone on Thanksgiving.

pillsbury turkey cookie, thanksgiving

Source: Pillsbury via Facebook

Family staple and beloved brand, Pillsbury, decked out their social channels pretty nicely for Thanksgiving, including a video cover photo on Facebook, a sea of recipe content across social channels and eye catching recipe videos. Our favorite? The “perfect project to keep the kiddos out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning!”

What was your favorite Thanksgiving-themed content? Let us know!