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Why DS Executive Reports Are the Ultimate Reporting Time-Saver

As a pay-per-click (PPC) professional, I definitely spend some days entrenched in reporting, whether it’s for daily, weekly or monthly data. After executing various paid search campaigns, it’s important to do proper reporting to see where the results lie. However, pulling raw data from different sources like Google AdWords, Bing Ads or a third party source like DoubleClick Search (DS) can get tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, instead of compiling all that data from each source into on... Read More

Digital Bites: September Edition

At Netplus, we help restaurant and grocery brands beat competitors by outsmarting instead of outspending. That’s why we keep a close watch on the trends, ideas and insights that matter most to your bottom line. Here’s what we’re watching this month. The Era of Unbranding Photo by Danielle Scott Younger consumers—even those with six-figure incomes—are price obsessed, argue both AdAge and RetailDive. And thanks to disruptors from Aldi/Lidl to Brandless to Amazon, there are more low-cost ... Read More

Winning at Voice-Assisted Search

Originally published on Target Marketing.  The Walmart and Google cooperative voice-shopping partnership announced a few weeks ago heralds more than just the first real challenge to dominant e-commerce giant Amazon. It punctuates the growing prevalence and importance of voice-assisted searching and shopping behaviors. Voice-assisted search came onto the mass market in 2011 with the initial release of Siri. Since then, there have been ongoing improvements and expanded options in natural language... Read More

Social Media Defined: 10 Years Later

This column originally appeared in Philly Ad News. “The variety of stand-alone and built-in social media services currently available introduces challenges of definition…” Wikipedia Social media as applied to our industry practices has become challenging to define because it represents a profound shift in how consumers view and interact with the world. Today, social media success requires multiple layers of expertise and disciplines—such as media targeting, one to one communications, con... Read More

Fundamentals of Great Copy

Copy: easy to overlook, but impossible to go without. If I had to sum up a copywriter’s lot in life, it would probably fall along those lines. After all, when it comes to advertising in today’s multi-screen world of instant gratification, impactful design takes precedence when you only have seconds to catch a consumer’s eye. However, impactful creative requires the right messaging, and to create a real brand impression, great copy is not just ancillary, but essential. A great example of co... Read More

Look Who’s Talking: The Rise of Chatbots in Customer Interaction

Every morning, I have a conversation with a polar bear. It’s an admittedly one-sided and sometimes repetitive conversation, but UXDesign’s chatbot is a simple, unique and fun way to keep up with the trends in user experience and design. A small snippet of an exchange. So why should you care? Because 2017 could be the year chatbots become a viable solution for brand communication. In fact, they’ve already started appearing on websites as a simple interface to provide information to users. I... Read More

Your Guide To The Wonders of Community Management

Community management. No matter your brand or the types of products you sell, the increasing prevalence of social media makes it almost impossible to not have some form of social strategy in today’s digitally obsessed world. And yet on average, ask a random person what “community management” is and they’ll likely have no idea how to respond. How most people probably respond when asked. Source: GIPHY Here at Netplus, I’m the Social Media Community Manager, which is a mix of both a socia... Read More

Why Net Neutrality Is a Marketing Issue

Originally published on Target Marketing.  The Net may soon have gate keepers, a price tag or a throttle — and that’s something we should all be concerned about. Marketers, in particular, should be paying attention and throwing their support behind Net Neutrality as both a concept and as a set of regulations because without those safeguards the critical connection points to consumers may be threatened. New online business models and innovations have thrived with the freedom of equal access ... Read More

What Food & Beverage Brands Should Know About Online Grocery

Despite the increasing presence of the online grocery industry, there are still plenty of marketers who have their doubts and hesitations. In some ways, this is completely fair: after all, few things are certain in the ever-changing digital landscape. However, seeing how Netplus knows a thing or two about the food and beverage industry, we decided to lay out what brands should know now. The tipping point is imminent. Photo by Aaron Burden. Source: Unsplash Too many food and beverage brands are p... Read More

Lost in a Crowded Marketplace?

Originally published on Target Marketing.  Marketers often mistakenly act as if their plans exist in a vacuum and that they have the consumer’s undivided interest and attention without interference or competition. Nothing could be farther from the truth, or more dangerous to a company or marketing goal. Consumers are so saturated that they are actively avoiding ads and other brand messaging. In this often chaotic and noisy consumer marketplace success requires a certain amount of creativity, ... Read More

2 Crazy Simple Content Strategy Tests You Can Try Today

Content strategy takes serious time—but not every business has the luxury of waiting for that slow burn to start producing equally serious results. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to start developing a more data-driven content strategy approach that you can test out today. Source: GIPHY 1. Test subject lines and blog headline formats on social. Subject lines are one of the most popular starting points for content and creative testing. They are easy to implement and yield results almost ins... Read More

When Amazon Bought Whole Foods: What You Need To Know

As soon as Amazon announced their plan to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion a few weeks ago, the hot takes came pouring in as to what this means for the future of the grocery and retail industries. The general consensus? There is bound to be some serious impact. A Win-Win (And Then Some) Overall, most people seem to agree that the acquisition was a smart move for both sides. Amazon not only gained a physical presence with brick-and-mortar locations in hundreds of key affluent, urban markets ... Read More

Advice for the Digital Marketing Industry, Perhaps Too Late

Originally published on Target Marketing.  I was recently asked what advice I would give my younger self to succeed in the digital marketing industry. The question, of course is nonsense: No one has a time machine or could recreate the unique circumstances of these past decades. We now possess almost perfect information about the technology, business environment and leaps of faith and brilliance that created our digital world and a brand new industry — but we did not have that guidance back t... Read More