Building Brand Loyalty in the Age of Digital Sarcasm

In an era of 5-second attention spans and overwrought Instagram ads (Fit Tea, we get it already), establishing brand loyalty without resorting to promotions or discounts has become a tricky business. Consumers are increasingly skeptical about the algorithm-crafted messaging that comes flooding their way, but also crave an emotional connection to their content. Customers Roasting on a Fast Food Fire Take some advice from a fiery redhead known for eschewing frozen beef for the real thing. Over the... Read More

Feast Your Eyes on These 5 Thanksgiving Campaigns

Did everyone skip Thanksgiving this year? It seems the Black Friday and Cyber Week sales have all but taken over this food-lover’s holiday. In fact, we only observed a few brands taking real advantage of this special time for families (and family meals) to connect and engage with consumers. But fear not. Here at Netplus, we never give up an opportunity to talk shop (food) with some of our favorite brands. Here’s who’s really bringing it to the table this year… 1. Stove Top made stretchy ... Read More

Your Guide To AdWords Success This Holiday Season

With the holiday season soon approaching, AdWords managers are gearing up for the busiest time of year. As a result, most of their workflows are about to change dramatically, especially if they’re managing multiple large AdWords accounts. So how does a search marketer handle it all? Here are a few tips for managers to save time and ensure the success of campaigns for their large accounts. Keep Your Priorities Straight When managing a high-volume, high-spend search account, the process is the s... Read More

CSS Grid: A Whole New World (Wide Web)

When it comes to laying out content in a web browser, developers can use a variety of clever hacks and tricks, but at the end of the day there has never been a simple solution to create vertical space—until now. Enter CSS Grid, a game-changer to CSS’ display property. Opening up an enormous amount of layout possibilities, this tool has the potential to lead to innovative layouts in 2018 that could change the way we interact with and understand content on the web. But how? Read on to find o... Read More

Meal Plan Subscriptions: A Marketer’s Experience

As most busy millennials with a full-time job, I definitely have days where meal prepping is the last thing on my mind. After a long day, the idea of cooking can feel inconvenient at the least and burdensome at the most. And in the end, giving in to the siren call of Seamless or Caviar seems like a much better option than having popcorn for dinner. This is probably enabled by the fact that I love food. Ask anyone who knows me. On any given day, the first thing I ask on Slack is what people are e... Read More

The Keys to Protecting Your Brand Online

Originally published on Target Marketing.  When your brand is online, it is in jeopardy. Competitors may use your brand terms in keyword searches, pirate your slogans or unfairly label their goods with your brand. There are roughly a million ways for the unscrupulous to abuse your brand, and only one way for you to protect it — diligence. Protecting your brand starts with consistency of use and message, and requires a meticulous process to protect your brand value and your legal rights. Best ... Read More

5 Brands That Are Killing It On Social For Halloween

We love how holidays bring some of the best in branded content on social media. And Halloween is no exception. That’s why we gathered the top five brands that are raising a little hell this Halloween season. 1) Oreo: Spooky Balls Video Source: Oreo Fact: Oreo is always slaying the social media game, but we loved the weird awesomeness of this unique video. They somehow managed to turn your everyday recipe video into a “hipster animation” featuring kinetic typography with stop-motion-esq... Read More

Facebook Marketing in 2018: What You Need to Know

The rules of Facebook marketing have changed. But has your strategy? To help brands supercharge their Facebook marketing strategy without busting their budgets or drastically altering their creative approach, we created The Facebook Marketing Playbook. Complete with real-life examples and actionable recommendations, the guide focuses on content strategy and low-cost social advertising to help you answer important questions like: Is Facebook the right channel for me? What’s Facebook’s role i... Read More

Creative Mornings: Oct. 2017

Fact: inspiration can come from anywhere. For our agency, one source is definitely Creative Mornings. A morning lecture series that brings together creatives from a variety of industries to discuss a common theme, it happens once a month in 177 cities around the globe. We’ll be posting a recap each month, so check back here or come join us! A Quick Recap: Humble Beginnings October’s global theme was Pioneer and in Philly, the lecture was aptly led by Josh Goldblum, one of the founders of th... Read More

Food for Thought, Literally

Originally published on Target Marketing.  If you were ever in doubt of the changes that our digital access, behaviors and devices have made in our daily lives, look no further than how you nourish your body. The introduction and integration of online food tools and content have made the planning, shopping, and cooking of all things food and beverage-related a dramatically different experience than the experience of prior generations. How will that influence our relationship with food and each ... Read More

Creative Mornings: Sept. 2017

Fact: inspiration can come from anywhere. For our agency, one source is definitely Creative Mornings. A morning lecture series that brings together creatives from a variety of industries to discuss a common theme, it happens once a month in 177 cities around the globe. We’ll be posting a recap each month, so check back here or come join us! I first experienced Creative Mornings about four years ago in Washington, D.C. Since then, I’ve been to 15+ talks in two cities led by artists of all typ... Read More

What CPG Marketers Can Learn From Brandless

The new year is fast-approaching and if there’s one piece of advice we can give to consumer package goods (CPG) brands for 2018, it’s that old mass-market shopping behaviors no longer apply. Historically, CPG brands could track population and consumer spending habits to make determinations about expanding or maintaining their market share. However, things have changed for both consumers and retailers—and that’s a very good thing. In the age of hyper-efficient distribution channels like F... Read More

Digital Bites: September Edition

At Netplus, we help restaurant and grocery brands beat competitors by outsmarting instead of outspending. That’s why we keep a close watch on the trends, ideas and insights that matter most to your bottom line. Here’s what we’re watching this month. The Era of Unbranding Photo by Danielle Scott Younger consumers—even those with six-figure incomes—are price obsessed, argue both AdAge and RetailDive. And thanks to disruptors from Aldi/Lidl to Brandless to Amazon, there are more low-cost ... Read More