Creative Mornings: February 2018

Fact: inspiration can come from anywhere. For our agency, one source is definitely Creative Mornings. A morning lecture series that brings together creatives from a variety of industries to discuss a common theme, it happens once a month in 177 cities around the globe. We’ll be posting a recap each month, so check back here or come join us! A Quick Recap: An Outsider’s Perspective This month’s global theme was Curiosity, and Philadelphia’s talk was led by Pete Woodall who talked about h... Read More

Biggest Bang for Your B2B Social Media Buck?

The Jury Is In It should not come as a surprise to most B2B marketers that social media has been shown to help generate leads and increase sales for a wide range of B2B businesses. But if you only have the time and resources to support one social media tool, the clear choice to help build business for most companies should be…LinkedIn! Overall Social Media Usage In a recent article in the Social Media Examiner, B2B marketers listed benefits associated with social media marketing: 56% of B2B m... Read More

The New Google Shopping

Google Product Search, since 2002, has been a free service for any retailer that wanted to have their products listed on Google.  This era has come to an end with the announcement that this offering will now be called Google Shopping and will be a paid inclusion model.  Google’s stance is that this will create a better user experience for shoppers.  The transition will be gradual; it started on June 1st and will last throughout the summer, ending in October.  The process has already begun ... Read More

The All New Foursquare Is Here

After months of rumors, and a week of hype via their Twitter account, Foursquare has finally launched its newly transformed app. The location-based social networking service’s biggest goal is “to help people make the most of where they are,” and they have gone to new bounds to make sure they accomplish just that. Many features are simply re-vamped, however there are a few new additions. The check-in button is now located on the top right corner of the app, user profiles now have a sleek, ... Read More

Email and Social: A Killer Combo

Originally published on In Part 1 of this column, we examined some reasons and benefits of connecting your email and social programs. In this, Part 2, we offer some quick tips related specifically to how to integrate email and each of the major social properties. Facebook Facebook offers fertile ground for email/social integration; everything from testing subject lines or Facebook ad headlines to testing images or colors, offers, or content. And it works both ways. Test in email, roll out in F... Read More

Facebook Page Manager iPhone App

This week Facebook made the lives of community managers a little bit easier by releasing an iPhone app for Facebook page managers. The app functions just like the main app but there are a couple of features that will be beneficial. The first is access to Insights. Although it’s only an overview, it’s still valuable. Often I am unexpectedly asked for information on a clients’ Facebook page while away from my computer. Now rather than having to tell them that I’ll have to g... Read More

The Magical Email-Social Combo

Originally published on Email shines as a permission-based communication channel anchored by a database that captures and uses personally identifiable information. The social channels leverage built-in tools and functionality to motivate and accelerate sharing behaviors. If you can connect the two strategies you will have a potent combo that reaches a brand-aware and brand-positive audience with highly relevant, personal messaging and then gives them the tools to share their enthusiasm along wi... Read More

Google Display Network Reserve

Status: Limited release Availability: US Source: Google What it does Google Display Network Reserve means advertisers can guarantee impressions across brand-safe sites on the Google Display Network. You can start by targeting relevant content channels, like Tech and Sports, or create your own custom group of websites. Then, you can add on advanced targeting, like geographic, demographic, and above-the-fold. And finally, you can set your campaign’s impression and timing goals, and let Googl... Read More

Rolls and Screens!? Test em! >:p

Mid-roll ads are viewed to completion more so than pre-roll and post-roll ads. According to an Adobe study, ‘mid-roll video ads are viewed to completion 87% of the time, compared to a 70% completion rate of pre-rolls and 50% of post-rolls’. Now, we can argue about why this is, what a users motives are, etc, etc, but as a marketer I say two things; 1. test to see if this stat will hold true in your own video display campaign and 2. at least ensure that you are evenly testing that pos... Read More

As Simple As 1, 2, 3

Originally published on Having so many options in digital strategy and execution often means we falsely confuse the richness of a program or campaign with complexity, and in doing so lose the focus that will help us move our business goals forward. Simple in most things is usually better, and digital strategy is no exception. There is no badge of honor for including a ridiculous number of tactical elements nor does it make a program more effective. A highly fragmented digital strategy can make ... Read More

AdWords Location Targeting

What it does AdWords Location Targeting lets you target your ads to specific geographic areas like countries, regions, metros, cities, postal codes (currently US only), or by targeting a radius around a location. It also suggests locations that you might want to target and even offers you reach numbers to help you estimate the audience within your selected target location. For advanced users, you can incorporate a person’s geographic interest into your targeting criteria or focus only on physi... Read More

Getting to Know You

Recently, Netplus held an employee trivia contest.  Each employee submitted 3 facts.  The goal of the contest was to match the facts with the employee.  A prize was awarded to the person with the most correct answers. The contest was a lot of fun and great way to get to know each other better.  A sample of some of the facts submitted are: I danced with the Alvin Ailey dance troupe. I was captain of the Math-letes and also captain of the high school football team. I once held an AAU (Amateur... Read More

Why Bother With Google+?

Originally published on Most of you reading this column and many millions of others have a Google+ account. According to the studies following social behaviors, the vast majority of the Google+ account holders are ignoring those accounts. Google is quick to crow about the size of the Google+ base but refuses to share any stats on actual usage as Danny Sullivan ably recapped in his recent column. ComScore confirmed the site’s lack of stickiness just this week in a report that shows de... Read More