The Future of Specialty Foods is Made Just For You

A sales rep from a small Spanish cheese company lifts a perfectly modern glass cloche and cuts an asymmetrical piece of semi-firm sheep’s milk cheese. She extends her hand my way, beckoning me to come over. Her table is covered with practical (but still beautiful) brown recycled paper, with various cheeses placed directly on the paper. Aside each cheese is a name, handwritten, and a few select qualifiers or tasting notes. The handwriting is somewhere in between legible and illegible, like it... Read More

Google Shopping Update

It has been a few months since Google Shopping has been announced and rolled out to online retailers.  Tens of thousands of merchants have started participating in the program that essentially took over Google Product Listing Ads and Google has been pleased thus far with the program’s success.  Google Shopping is far from finished in its development and new features are being rolled out frequently.  Changes have been made to make it easier for merchants to start utilizing the program a... Read More

Few Industry Notes

Note #1: The early August search market share data is out from financial analysts ahead of the official comScore release. Yahoo is down once again while partner Bing has hit “an all time high”. Google lost some share (0.4 percent) in August, while Bing gained and Yahoo declined by an equivalent amount (0.2 percent). Strangely, AOL also gained (0.2 percent). Here are the August comScore numbers: Google: 66.4 percent (66.8 percent in July) Bing: 15.9 percent (15.7 percent in July) Yah... Read More

The Beginning of My Journey at Netplus

Hello Everyone! I would like to formally introduce myself to the Netplus Blog Community! My name is Allison Solberg and I am the new Social Media Coordinator at Netplus Marketing. This past May, I graduated from Villanova University where I was a Communication major and also competed on the varsity tennis team. I am originally from the Minneapolis area in Minnesota, but I have also lived in Florida and Rhode Island as well. My extreme passion for tennis moved me down to Florida to train at IMG B... Read More

The Rise of Visual Social Media

Jeffrey Grau, senior analyst at eMarketer and I were sharing thoughts and POV for the up-coming Online Holiday Shopping Report. A particularly compelling discussion point in our conversation was around the rise of visual social media and the implications; specifically as it relates to social media and retailers’ holiday plans. The increasing importance of visual impact to engage and meet marketing objectives has been experienced and executed to measurable success here at Netplus and ... Read More

Voice Search For Your Mobile Device

In the latest version of the Google Search App for iOS and Android, not only can you say your question out loud, but your search app can speak your answer right back to you. And, using Google’s Knowledge Graph, your search app gives you smarter answers loud and clear. Search without typing Now you can ask your phone anything, anywhere. Use it in the kitchen, in the garage or anytime your hands might be full. Plus, searching with your voice makes searching words you’re not sure how to sp... Read More

Social Media Seasonality

Originally published on Marketers have become quite adept at managing and messaging consumers according to a calendar that matches brand needs. In general, marketers work to maximize their efficiency by staying top-of-mind with consumers along the product lifecycle, but particularly when sales or other desirable events are most likely to occur. Brands control the timing of ad campaigns, content launches, new product introductions, and other budgetary expenditures, like sampling, to fall mostly ... Read More

Apple and Amazon's Security Flaw

UPDATE: Amazon has since closed this gap in its security. Former Gizmodo employee Mat Honan was hacked using a simple social hack that publicly exposed a security flaw between Apple, Amazon and even PayPal. But the worst part of this is Apple was aware of this flaw, yet did nothing to prevent it. It is still unclear if Amazon was aware of it’s role in this issue until now. What happened? Here is an excerpt from Mat’s post: Apple tech support gave the hackers access to my iCloud acc... Read More

Social Media ROI Is Common Sense

Originally published on When organizations get paralyzed by the difficult task of quantifying the obvious, then marketers need to advocate for thoughtful, timely action based on the information that is already at hand. Sometimes common sense needs to take precedence over ambitious attribution modeling and sophisticated analytics because you can’t always obtain or rely on the numbers to tell the whole story in social media. Not every organization has the same opportunity, tools, expertise,... Read More

Dog Days & Digital Doctrines

    CLIENT HIGHLIGHT We’re wrapping up the final week of “Deal with it!” – a 5-week Facebook program on behalf of Independence Blue Cross. Having been charged with developing interesting and valuable wellness content for distribution across IBX’s Social Media channels, we kicked things off with a promotion focused on deals. The aim was to provide Philadelphians free coupons for local, health oriented businesses via a Facebo... Read More

The Perfect Storm

Originally published on Every so often there appears a perfect storm in the advertising world when huge events command and divert the attention of the consuming public and therefore draw the dollars of the advertisers, particularly in television. Actually this particular perfect storm is perfectly predictable and happens every four years when the U.S. presidential election occurs. This election cycle is especially advertising-heavy due to the highly contested race and relaxed rules governing th... Read More

Social Media ROI and Our Love of Infographics

Besides the two classic certainties of taxes and death, 2012 has rolled along with two for modern times. 1) More than ever marketers demand accountability and work to determine ROI on every dollar spent, Social Media included. and 2) Infographics will be developed for anything and everything that can be measured. Here at Netplus, we’ve been collecting our favorite Infographics like baseball cards. This one is especially worth a share as it relates directly to how several marketers have mea... Read More

Mad Dash for Mobile

Originally published on You probably don’t need convincing that a mobile strategy is necessary, but many digital marketers have been reluctant to jump in the water, waiting for all the ripples of devices, markets, and approaches to settle. They won’t. In this very fractured digital media environment, mobile plays a unique and increasingly critical role, providing a wealth of personal, immediate, and location-smart ways to interact with specific audiences. The U.S. mobile environment... Read More