The Future of Specialty Foods is Made Just For You

A sales rep from a small Spanish cheese company lifts a perfectly modern glass cloche and cuts an asymmetrical piece of semi-firm sheep’s milk cheese. She extends her hand my way, beckoning me to come over. Her table is covered with practical (but still beautiful) brown recycled paper, with various cheeses placed directly on the paper. Aside each cheese is a name, handwritten, and a few select qualifiers or tasting notes. The handwriting is somewhere in between legible and illegible, like it... Read More

How the New Facebook Timeline is a Game Changer

When I woke up this morning, I logged onto to my Facebook account and I quickly spotted a new change. No more ZIG ZAGS! That’s right. Facebook has converted back to their old ways and is testing a new Timeline layout, where you no longer have to zig zag back and forth between posts. All of your statuses, images, and check-ins appear larger and stacked one on top of the other. In addition to a change in wall-post appearance and layout, the tabs have changed as well. Instead of boxed t... Read More

Instagram: The Latest Privacy Scare & What You Need to Know

After releasing their new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, Instagram gave its users until January 16th to agree to their new terms and provide feedback, or delete their account. It took less than 24 hours for a social media uproar and an updated policy. The main concern that alarmed users was that Instagram could now use and sell their photos without compensation: “Instagram does not claim ownership of any Content that you post on or through the Service. Instead, you hereby grant to Insta... Read More

We're Hiring

Netplus is poised for growth in 2013 and we are looking for qualified people to fill key positions:  digital media buyer/planner, project manager, social media coordinator, developer, marketing analyst and client service manager.   If you have a can-do attitude and want to work in a fun and creative environment, Netplus may be the right fit for you. This is an exciting time for Netplus and if you want in on the action, please contact us.  You can check out the job openings on our contact pag... Read More

The Value of Customers – Flipping the Economics of the 80/20 Rule

Originally published on The value of a Facebook fan has been roundly debated, analyzed, and quantified based on a number of factors, assumptions, and the phase of the moon. For most brands though, the value of a Facebook fan is a proxy for advocacy, loyalty, access, and other measures that are hoped for, planned to, invested in – all to ultimately lead to customers. Traditional marketing has always recognized the value of customers in the marketing arsenal. Loyalty cards and customer appr... Read More

AdWords for video

We all know the ever changing environment of digital marketing; we have all heard the industry buzz words…Social, Local, Mobile…and at times, Video.  You can’t go to far in the industry and expect success if Google doesn’t play a part, and when diving into this subject a bit deeper, I found a very interesting article from Google on Adwords for video. What it does: With AdWords for video you can use AdWords’ dynamic, auction-based system to easily place and manage video ads ... Read More

Facebook Ads Are NOT Display Ads

Originally published on Every marketing budget is a struggle – a compromise between the grand plans you wish you could afford and the never-quite-enough budget that you actually have to work with. Not only have your goals increased, but the regions, channels, and devices across which you have to reach your target populations have exploded. With many more opportunities to spend money, you have to keep an even more critical eye to understand all your options and prioritize spend against you... Read More

1 Relationship – Many Opportunities to Screw It Up

Originally published on In this age of omni-channel marketing, consumers have numerous points of connection to your brand or company, but they only have one relationship with you. Guarding that relationship means executing across channels in multiple device options wherever that customer happens to be on the globe and in their decision-cycle. It means tailoring every consumer’s experience on the fly for that moment in time and their particular needs, but also to their prior history with y... Read More

Is Legal the Enemy of Social?

Originally published on There are many enemies in nature including predators and prey and those competing for territory or mates. Mother Nature designed things in this way to preserve a certain productive balance. It’s not always pretty but unless that balance is disrupted artificially, it tends to work over a long-term horizon. There exists a similar phenomenon in business where departments or job functions exist in a productive state of tension with each other. They keep each other in c... Read More

New Google Feature Adds Virtual Tours to Businesses

Ever wonder what that restaurant you just found on Google Maps looks like inside? They are currently rolling out a feature that allows businesses to hire Google’s “trusted photographers” to take pictures of the inside of their business to give street-view-like access to their interior. It allows users to walk right through the virtual front door of their business. Watch this video: See the live demo: View Larger Map Visit Google’s Business Photos’ page to learn mor... Read More

Enhanced sitelinks rolling out globally

In February, Google announced enhanced sitelinks on desktop search ads. They display enhanced sitelinks by combining multiple sitelinks and closely related search ads into a larger nested format. Early testing showed that enhanced sitelinks could make ads that appear above the organic search results even more useful. And they could lead to significantly higher clickthrough rates for an advertiser than regular 2-line and 3-line sitelinks. Preparing your campaigns You can follow these tips to pr... Read More

Google AdWords: Shared Budgets

Google has recently released a new feature called Shared Budgets in AdWords.  It allows advertisers to utilize one daily budget to be utilized across multiple campaigns in an AdWords account.  This new feature will allow advertisers to  manage AdWord’s daily budgets in each campaign more effectively and efficiently. A useful way in which this feature would be utilized is when you have multiple campaigns targeted to different devices (desktop, mobile and tablet).  Previously, ... Read More

10 Ways to Create a Content Engine

Originally published on Content is the biggest issue for every marketer on the planet. It’s content that attracts the right audience and motivates them to desired actions. It’s content that spurs sharing and return visits. Content can be many things including a game that you enjoy playing or an article that gets your blood boiling, a contest you can enter, a video or podcast that educates, or an image that inspires. Content can live on your website(s), in social media, or can be dis... Read More