The Future of Specialty Foods is Made Just For You

A sales rep from a small Spanish cheese company lifts a perfectly modern glass cloche and cuts an asymmetrical piece of semi-firm sheep’s milk cheese. She extends her hand my way, beckoning me to come over. Her table is covered with practical (but still beautiful) brown recycled paper, with various cheeses placed directly on the paper. Aside each cheese is a name, handwritten, and a few select qualifiers or tasting notes. The handwriting is somewhere in between legible and illegible, like it... Read More

A News Feed Worth A Thousand Words

“They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and today’s design is more like 500,” Julie Zhuo, Facebook’s Director of Design, comments on the current News Feed set up. Images & clutter were the biggest topics of discussion during today’s Facebook conference as they announced a new News Feed layout and user experience. Today’s current News Feed layout takes up less than 40% of Home Page real estate. When a typical Facebook users enters the Home Page and is faced with the ... Read More

The Emergence of Mobile Internet Usage; Is Your Site Ready?

When I was selecting my very first cell phone during my senior year of high school my biggest dilemma consisted of which blocky Nokia phone had the superior game snake or pong. Fast-forward 13 years and I am currently mulling over the decision for my next cell phone upgrade. As with most I am forced to choose between staying with the cult-like following of the iPhone vs. the budding Android faithful. On the surface, this heated rivalry seems to be the biggest battle in terms of tech wars. Or is... Read More

A Digital Marketing Leap for Education

CLIENT HIGHLIGHT The Goddard School As providers of early childhood education,The Goddard School plays an important role in a child’s social and academic growth.The highly talented educator team embraces education through play and fun activities focused on developing natural curiosity and creativity through exploration and discovery. Netplus’ role is to expose new parents to all the benefits The Goddard School offers and invite them to do exploring of their own when making a... Read More


Spring 1900-1902 Designed by John La Farge, American, 1835 – 1910 Category: 
Stained Glass Dimensions: 
w1765 x h2540 in A short while back, a Pennsylvanian legend – Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, which if you believe in the old lore, it signifies that Spring is nearly here. For me, that means venturing out more with the family and taking in some of the places and things that make Philadelphia a unique and culturally relevant place to live (& play). One significant l... Read More

Google Glass

In today’s world people are always on their phones. In the car, on the train, at restaurants, at the bar, they are everywhere. 58 percent of U.S. smartphone owners check their phones at least every hour. So what if you had all that technology in a pair of glasses? That is what Google is working on with their project Google Glass. Check out the video below: How it Feels Today is the last day to apply to be a beta tester. Go to to apply. ... Read More

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

The concept of “Responsive Web Design” represents a shift in the way that our users are accessing the Internet. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires us to adapt old strategies and adopt new technologies. Identifying the many benefits of embracing this new trend makes it clear why you want to build responsiveness into your online marketing strategy. Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are on track to quickly outrank PC’s as the number one way that users access the Inter... Read More

Facebook's Graph Search

Facebook is starting to roll out its new Graph Search. The Graph Search helps you find people, places and things—and explore Facebook in a whole new way. With Graph Search, you can look up anything shared with you on Facebook, and others can find thing you’ve shared with them, including content set to Public. That means different people see different results. The Newsfeed answers the question “What’s going on?” and Timeline answers “Who is this person?” But... Read More

Bringing Local Relevance to Social

Originally published on The key to almost any successful social initiative is relevance, and one of the primary ways to knit together an audience with appropriate content and experiences is through their location. Sometimes a marketing or business objective is confined to a geographic area, large or small, by the practical reach of a business, by regulation, or by the limits of a particular, defined initiative. Marketers struggle with how to incorporate social support limited by geography, but ... Read More

Will the Original Harlem Shake Video Please Stand Up

The Harlem Shake is a dance that originated in Harlem, NY back in the early 80’s. Its roots are in an Ethiopian dance called “Eskista.“ You can see the popularity of this meme in the Google Trends report below: Google searches for “Harlem Shake” over the past 30 days. The dance has been referenced in many songs including Baauer’s hit “Harlem Shake,” that was released in May, 2012. The original dance video was created by Filthy Frank (on the left)... Read More

As Clients Grow, So Do We

  Airborne® We continue to push the envelope when it comes to cost-effective and creative Facebook solutions that surpass marketing goals. The new Airborne® Fill in the Blanks Instant Win Game offers consumers a daily chance to engage and answer a word puzzle highlighting brand attributes and benefits. Turning messaging into a game backed by social sharing has allowed us to immediately activate a growing fan base, generate millions of earned impressions and kee... Read More

Stupid questions you shouldn't ask in an interview

Originally published on There is the old adage that there are no stupid questions. In spirit, this is true. Asking questions demonstrates interest, curiosity, and a thirst for learning. In an interview situation, the right questions can further your candidacy, demonstrate your qualifications, give you an edge over other candidates, help you determine whether the job is a good fit, and generate a positive rapport with the interviewer. However, in an interviewing scenario, there are questions tha... Read More

Destinations and Drivers – All You Need to Know About Digital

Originally published on Even a complex array of digital marketing tactics can be simplified to two really big buckets – destinations and drivers. The simplicity of this approach has a purpose. It focuses strategists on the important distinctions between the two categories of effort and underscores their interdependency. Destinations are all the places, events, or experiences that we want an audience to find and spend time with. Websites, mobile sites, Facebook, or other social channels or... Read More