How To Create Inclusive User Personas For Your Business

Typically, when a company or marketer is trying to outline their ideal customer, they start developing a “persona.” A persona has traditionally been made up of a set of demographics and characteristics that helps brands be laser-focused in their content, website, and targeting practices. But as the internet gets more and more ingrained in our daily lives, cracks are starting to show in the practice of how those personas are determined. In nearly all cases, one size does not fit all, and pers... Read More

Building Brand Loyalty in the Age of Digital Sarcasm

In an era of 5-second attention spans and overwrought Instagram ads (Fit Tea, we get it already), establishing brand loyalty without resorting to promotions or discounts has become a tricky business. Consumers are increasingly skeptical about the algorithm-crafted messaging that comes flooding their way, but also crave an emotional connection to their content. Customers Roasting on a Fast Food Fire Take some advice from a fiery redhead known for eschewing frozen beef for the real thing. Over the... Read More

Gamers & CPG Brands: A Match Made in Respawn?

Every few years, the gaming industry has a moment in popular culture. And right now, we’re having one of those moments. With both casual mobile gaming and hardcore esports on a meteoric rise, the opportunity for brand marketers to activate this community of passionate, discerning consumers has never been more compelling. There are plenty of stats and research out there that support the case for nontraditional or non-endemic brand sponsorship in competitive gaming (as well as emerging case stud... Read More

Ajax Forms & Event Tracking: How to Accurately Track Form Submissions

What is an Ajax form? It is a form that, when submitted, does not reload the page. Instead, an Ajax form runs in the background, which is great for user experience. However, it can also create challenges when it comes to event tracking in Google Analytics (GA). The problem: There are a couple ways web managers often track form submissions as events, but the most common is tracking when a confirmation or thank you page is displayed. But with Ajax forms, there is no confirmation page. So how do yo... Read More

Marketers: You Already “Get” GDPR

“We’ve updated our privacy policy.” Seems like you can’t open an email, application or website anymore without a little, ping, “We’ve updated our privacy policy!” This onslaught of legal updates from the brands you love (and probably those you totally forgot about) is a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At its heart, GDPR aims to reduce spam and better protect consumers from breaches or misuse of personal data—and it currently affects any organization whose... Read More

How Adobe XD Improved Our Website Process

I first learned about Adobe XD (or, ‘Project Comet’ as it was referred to back then) several years ago at HOW Design, I definitely didn’t expect that it would become my favorite tool in the arsenal of Adobe products, but when life hands you excellent interactive prototyping tools, you make websites with it! Since adopting the tool in our website workflow, our design, content strategy and tech teams have come together to work iteratively and harmoniously on web design projects, both big and... Read More

10 Food Books That Will Change How You Eat

Like few other things, eating can be a uniquely personal experience even though it’s most often a group activity—a friend you meet for dinner, a summer afternoon family barbecue, even meeting colleagues for coffee or drinks. Meals are enjoyed equally together and separately. Tasted by one, shared with a few, and viewed on Instagram by hundreds, the very personal nature of both eating and cooking makes it perfect to write about and share in a whole new way.  Food writing can inspire us to t... Read More

Can Bite Change the Way We Order (or Eat)?

Bite is a free food reviewing app founded in September of 2017 by David Ko, Peter Hwang, and Timothy Ko. It started in Philadelphia, but has been quickly expanding elsewhere. What makes Bite different from Yelp? Well, with Bite, you are able to review an individual dish by its taste, portion, and recommendation, where with Yelp, you review the restaurant as a whole. Finding Bite: I found out about this app while walking through the Chinatown Night Market, and was drawn in by the logo. When the m... Read More

Blockchain or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ledger

Blockchain. If you’re in the tech industry, you’ve probably heard of it. For me, it took the task of presenting its capabilities to Netplus staff earlier this year to bring it to light. And now, partly in thanks to the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, I’m seeing it pop up everywhere. Of course, I had been hearing about bitcoin for over a year—which is likely blockchain’s most recognizable applications. Beyond the fact that people were making lots of money off of it, I never fully unde... Read More

You do You: Asian-American Creatives on the Rise

Illustration by Shannon Tang As a Chinese-American designer, I’m always inspired by other Asian-American artists and designers. Popular media often disproportionately portrays Asian-Americans as doctors, lawyers and engineers. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with pursuing those careers, the underrepresentation of Asian-Americans as artists, dreamers and visionaries in the media can contribute to a stereotype that misses out on the inspiring work and passion of these artists. Many of... Read More

The Future of CPG Brands Online

When it comes to how brands interact with their customers, it’s no longer enough to simply know and use a demographic, or target a certain audience. More than ever, consumers want to know that the brands and companies they’re buying from align with their personal beliefs. Gone are the days when companies could avoid talking politics at any cost. Today, the future of CPG brands is dependent on transparency, and a brands’ stance on issues their customers find important. Consider the tragic s... Read More

A Reaction to Distraction

I use a lot of apps. And I mean a lot of apps. Between my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, I am comfortably overwhelmed and often distracted. To remedy this, I thought I would go through them all and identify only those apps that I truly need, if “truly need” is accurate. Truth be told, there are days that I wish I could go back to the era before the internet and mobile connectivity. I still do all the same things I did before. I eat, sleep, walk, drive, communicate, listen to music and... Read More

Headless WordPress + React

WordPress REST API There are two main types of Content Management Systems (CMS): coupled & decoupled. Coupled means the backend (the CMS and database) and frontend (what the user sees) are bound together. WordPress is a coupled CMS. However, since they added the WP REST API to their build, you can now access your site’s content from anywhere. This gives us the option of decoupling the backend from the frontend. This is called a Headless CMS. I’ve taken great interest in WordPre... Read More