Food for Thought, Literally

Originally published on Target Marketing.  If you were ever in doubt of the changes that our digital access, behaviors and devices have made in our daily lives, look no further than how you nourish your body. The introduction and integration of online food tools and content have made the planning, shopping, and cooking of all things food and beverage-related a dramatically different experience than the experience of prior generations. How will that influence our relationship with food and each ... Read More

What Food & Beverage Brands Should Know About Online Grocery

Despite the increasing presence of the online grocery industry, there are still plenty of marketers who have their doubts and hesitations. In some ways, this is completely fair: after all, few things are certain in the ever-changing digital landscape. However, seeing how Netplus knows a thing or two about the food and beverage industry, we decided to lay out what brands should know now. The tipping point is imminent. Photo by Aaron Burden. Source: Unsplash Too many food and beverage brands are p... Read More

Hello, Netplus: A Quick Q&A With Our Creatives

Here at Netplus, we pride ourselves on being open to wild ideas and big asks. We work in small, cross-functional teams and offer a different kind of value to both our clients and employees: complete collaboration. A perfect example: our creative department. After all, what’s digital marketing without some crazy creatives? But even though our backgrounds, disciplines and personalities may vary, we all share two things: a passion to produce awesome work for our clients and a love for bubble tea... Read More

Lost in a Crowded Marketplace?

Originally published on Target Marketing.  Marketers often mistakenly act as if their plans exist in a vacuum and that they have the consumer’s undivided interest and attention without interference or competition. Nothing could be farther from the truth, or more dangerous to a company or marketing goal. Consumers are so saturated that they are actively avoiding ads and other brand messaging. In this often chaotic and noisy consumer marketplace success requires a certain amount of creativity, ... Read More

2 Crazy Simple Content Strategy Tests You Can Try Today

Content strategy takes serious time—but not every business has the luxury of waiting for that slow burn to start producing equally serious results. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to start developing a more data-driven content strategy approach that you can test out today. Source: GIPHY 1. Test subject lines and blog headline formats on social. Subject lines are one of the most popular starting points for content and creative testing. They are easy to implement and yield results almost ins... Read More

When Amazon Bought Whole Foods: What You Need To Know

As soon as Amazon announced their plan to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion a few weeks ago, the hot takes came pouring in as to what this means for the future of the grocery and retail industries. The general consensus? There is bound to be some serious impact. A Win-Win (And Then Some) Overall, most people seem to agree that the acquisition was a smart move for both sides. Amazon not only gained a physical presence with brick-and-mortar locations in hundreds of key affluent, urban markets ... Read More

Why We Love Philly: Painting The Town With Mural Arts

Philly has long been known as the City of Brotherly Love, but over the years it has earned another nickname: the City of Murals. The city’s renaissance of murals is thanks to the Mural Arts program, established by Jane Golden in 1984 as part of the Anti-Graffiti Network. Over 30 years later, Philly proudly boasts the most murals in the world with more than 3,800. But the motives of Mural Arts is more than the beautification of the city. Dedicated to the simple, but powerful idea that art igni... Read More

Advice for the Digital Marketing Industry, Perhaps Too Late

Originally published on Target Marketing.  I was recently asked what advice I would give my younger self to succeed in the digital marketing industry. The question, of course is nonsense: No one has a time machine or could recreate the unique circumstances of these past decades. We now possess almost perfect information about the technology, business environment and leaps of faith and brilliance that created our digital world and a brand new industry — but we did not have that guidance back t... Read More

Hello, Netplus: Client Strategy Manager Jen Cole

Here at Netplus, we pride ourselves on being open to wild ideas and big asks. We work in small, cross-functional teams and offer a different kind of value to both our clients and employees: complete collaboration. Jen Cole is one of Netplus’ client strategy managers; her laser-focused communications and strategic skills keep our clients and teams working harmoniously together toward one goal: serious business impact. Jen’s expert knowledge of digital marketing combined with her humorous and ... Read More

Takeaways From Philly Ad Club’s Social Media Innovation Seminar

About two weeks ago, some members of the Netplus crew started our morning bright and early at Tonic Design for the Social Media Innovation Seminar, a Philly Ad Club event moderated by our very own Denise Zimmerman. It was a win-win: attend a local marketing event as a team and hear from a panel of five industry experts from the Philadelphia area on the latest in social media, advertising and content strategy. Each speaker covered a different topic and brought their own insights, but there were a... Read More

The Value of Soft Metrics

Originally published on Targeted Marketing. In the past decade, marketers and the ecosystem that surrounds them have focused intensely, investing heavily in making direct connections between marketing spend and specific, attributable results. That’s a good thing, and the accountability of digital efforts has largely driven its growth. But we lose valuable nuance when we disregard all that is not accurately and completely quantifiable. There is clearly still a relevant and worthwhile tale to be... Read More

Burn After Posting: Fyre Festival’s Influencer Marketing Fails

Multiple news articles, late night roasts and think pieces on the epic fail that was the Fyre Festival have been rolling in for the past two weeks and it’s hard to say when they’ll stop, especially considering the arrival of multiple lawsuits within a matter of days. It’s hard to blame the editors. After all, this is one hell of a case study. Whether it was the backwards planning, the ridiculous deck or the basic lack of infrastructure, there were so many factors involved that led to such ... Read More

4 Things You Need When Building a Smart Home

With the ever-expanding list of devices that connect our world and claim to better our lives, choosing the right products for your smart home can be daunting. The fact is it’s an emerging market with a variety of ways to connect and control aspects of your home and new gadgets are introduced all the time. So where do you start? Focus on these four areas to help build the smart home that works for you. Source: SmartThings 1) Devices Lighting, thermostats, contact/motion sensors, cameras, speake... Read More