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Build a Preference Platform With Your Customers

Originally published on Target Marketing. Your retail holiday strategy is well underway by now (or should be) but it’s never too late to fine tune your approach for today’s sales while building towards a stronger position for future sales. Syncing with your customers’ buying rhythms is one way to maximize your marketing dollars and year end results. Relentless advertising messages bombarding consumers across new and old channels, expanded competitive sets, and promotional periods like Blac... Read More

Mad Dash for Mobile

Originally published on You probably don’t need convincing that a mobile strategy is necessary, but many digital marketers have been reluctant to jump in the water, waiting for all the ripples of devices, markets, and approaches to settle. They won’t. In this very fractured digital media environment, mobile plays a unique and increasingly critical role, providing a wealth of personal, immediate, and location-smart ways to interact with specific audiences. The U.S. mobile environment... Read More

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Originally published on Most organizations, like most people, go into something new with high expectations. We’re wired to expect positive outcomes but we need to work to ensure that we earn them. Sometime this quarter or year you’re going to embark on a journey into new digital territory. You might be building up a new social community or creating a mobile experience, trying a new targeting approach, launching an online promo or app, or integrating new analytics or CRM software. Yo... Read More

The Pain and Peril of Pinterest Promos

Originally published on Consumers have jumped onto Pinterest in a big way, quickly making it the third largest social site and an irresistible magnet for marketers to reach engaged users. Leading brands have extended their visual assets for consumption and sharing and retailers are finding Pinterest a strong driver for both traffic and revenue. In fact, a recent Shopify study pegged Pinterest users as a bit older and more affluent than other social demos and much more likely to convert to a sal... Read More

Email and Social: A Killer Combo

Originally published on In Part 1 of this column, we examined some reasons and benefits of connecting your email and social programs. In this, Part 2, we offer some quick tips related specifically to how to integrate email and each of the major social properties. Facebook Facebook offers fertile ground for email/social integration; everything from testing subject lines or Facebook ad headlines to testing images or colors, offers, or content. And it works both ways. Test in email, roll out in F... Read More

The Magical Email-Social Combo

Originally published on Email shines as a permission-based communication channel anchored by a database that captures and uses personally identifiable information. The social channels leverage built-in tools and functionality to motivate and accelerate sharing behaviors. If you can connect the two strategies you will have a potent combo that reaches a brand-aware and brand-positive audience with highly relevant, personal messaging and then gives them the tools to share their enthusiasm along wi... Read More

As Simple As 1, 2, 3

Originally published on Having so many options in digital strategy and execution often means we falsely confuse the richness of a program or campaign with complexity, and in doing so lose the focus that will help us move our business goals forward. Simple in most things is usually better, and digital strategy is no exception. There is no badge of honor for including a ridiculous number of tactical elements nor does it make a program more effective. A highly fragmented digital strategy can make ... Read More

Why Bother With Google+?

Originally published on Most of you reading this column and many millions of others have a Google+ account. According to the studies following social behaviors, the vast majority of the Google+ account holders are ignoring those accounts. Google is quick to crow about the size of the Google+ base but refuses to share any stats on actual usage as Danny Sullivan ably recapped in his recent column. ComScore confirmed the site’s lack of stickiness just this week in a report that shows de... Read More

Tablets Transform Behaviors Both at Home and at Work

Originally published on We all know about the rising tide of tablet purchases fueled by the recent release of the Apple iPad 3 and the multichannel surfing behaviors that consumers display now that they’re armed with a portable, convenient consumption device. It appears to be a bigger and more transformative shift than just the consumer world of surfing, chatting, and shopping, though. Tablets are also changing the business world. A January study by IDG documented the rise of tablet de... Read More

A Few Rules for Finding Digital Discipline

Originally published on In my last column, “The Digital All-You-Can-Eat Buffet,” we explored the necessity of discipline in narrowing your digital tactics to those that you can afford and support. We may long to incorporate every device, channel, and targeting program available to us now in our expanded opportunity set, but it’s rare that we have the required budget available or can pull off such a fractured approach successfully. There is another kind of companion discipli... Read More

The Digital All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Originally published on When presented with 30 feet of sumptuous choices, the tendency for many buffet restaurant patrons is to pile their plates with a little of this and a little of that until their plate is overflowing. We are just not good at prioritizing, making definitive choices, and walking away from some that aren’t as satisfying. While the visual and other sensory inputs spur consumers to gluttony, the food is usually inferior and warmed over – and probably sneezed on a... Read More

13-Point Checklist to Plan for Q4 Online Sales

Originally published on While many consumers are still paying off their holiday bills and dreaming of summer beach days to come, now’s the time for e-commerce businesses to be planning for Q4 – the final three months of the calendar year. The importance of seasonal sales to most online sellers can’t be overstated and should be a year-round effort starting well before the spring buds appear. Here’s a quick list to get you started now toward success during the 2012 holi... Read More

12 Ways to Give Your Brand Advocates a Megaphone

Originally published on Call them advocates, evangelists, ambassadors, or something else, these vocal consumers are perhaps the most compelling reason that brands invest in social media. Finding that small percentage of the population that loves your product, service, or brand; is inclined to talk about it within their various social channels; and has some influence online is no mean trick. When you do find them, you want to cultivate them and equip them fully to do what they do best –... Read More