Robin Neifield


Build a Preference Platform With Your Customers

Originally published on Target Marketing. Your retail holiday strategy is well underway by now (or should be) but it’s never too late to fine tune your approach for today’s sales while building towards a stronger position for future sales. Syncing with your customers’ buying rhythms is one way to maximize your marketing dollars and year end results. Relentless advertising messages bombarding consumers across new and old channels, expanded competitive sets, and promotional periods like Blac... Read More

Building Brand Trust Through Trusted Advocates

Originally published on Nothing builds trust like a third-party endorsement — especially an endorsement from someone the consumer knows and trusts. Brand advocates extend your brand to their personal networks, generating more inherent trust among prospects. Customer advocacy, or brand advocacy, occurs when companies cultivate brand advocates in a dedicated effort. A customer advocacy program aims to build consumer trust by increasing the volume of trusted voices on behalf of the brand. Brand... Read More

Hype or Opportunity?

Originally published on Marketers today face the huge challenge of creating the right program mix to meet their brand objectives. It’s difficult to balance the risk of new investments against the budget support needed to continue in proven channels. But it could be even riskier to wait too long to test or adopt some of the newer opportunities that emerge with oppressive regularity. The bounty of options makes planning more complicated and can thinly stretch even the largest of budgets across... Read More

Don’t Be ‘That’ Brand

Originally published on Millennials are annoyed, according to eMarketer, and they are taking action. Ad-blocking software use by millennials has grown over 34 percent since last year and will grow another 24 percent by 2017 — all because consumers are looking to control the annoying ads delivered to their devices and now can easily do so. But this has implications for more than just those making ad-blocking software and millennials: As marketers, we must tread carefully. Sprout Social recen... Read More

Making the Most of Marketing Moments

Originally published on The science of reaching relevant audiences online often relies on a complex array of technology-enabled, data-driven tools and platforms to get in front of the right consumers. Marketers engage consumer segments and consumers based on many intertwined variables that signal possible intent, interest or profile fit. But while the role of technology is to “seek and find”, the role of the content and messaging that technology delivers is engage, inspire and motivate; ma... Read More

Marketing in the Age of the Empowered Consumer

Originally published on Advertising agencies used to create impactful messaging, then plan and buy advertising to reach desirable audiences. Most still do. But agencies have had an increasingly difficult time proving value to their clients even while executing smart, targeted advertising, and communications or promotional programs — simply because the targeted audiences are no longer available or receptive. Consumers in the last few years have executed brilliantly on a disruptive strategy to... Read More

Calling All College Students

Originally published on If you are considering a career in online marketing, I applaud you. We need your ideas and passion to keep our industry energized and growing. But judging by the many smart and capable students and grads we have been privileged to connect with over the years, your coursework has failed to adequately prepare you for the future you envision. And the industry is poorer for it. Our educational institutions are starting to catch up with dedicated, digitally focused coursewor... Read More

Killer Content Strategy in 2 Hours

Originally published on To efficiently get your team to a killer content strategy you need a common framework that can be applied to all your content decisions, as well as a simplified planning process that connects your approach to your audience and business goals. The Conversation Framework We often talk about digital content as a storytelling medium, but that assumes a one-sided relationship with one storyteller and one or many listeners. I prefer to think of it as a conversation that may ... Read More

#Fail: Lessons Learned From the Digital Trenches Webinar

Netplus is proud to be named the Digital Evolution Sponsor for the Forum of Executive Women, a private membership organization comprised of the top female executives in the region. Recently, Robin delivered a webinar to the group titled “#Fail: Lessons Learned From the Digital Trenches” where she and Colleen Reese/Content Strategist and Brittany Schoonover/Social Media Associate guided Forum members through a number of spectacular brand #Fails and the lessons learned. You can view a recordi... Read More

Balancing Act: 10 Steps for Optimal Creativity and Strategy

Originally published on It’s really hard in a business environment to be strategic and not be creative at the same time — and the reverse is also true. Strategy and creativity are interrelated and interdependent forces that feed and support each other. Recognizing that duality is crucial to your success. Strategic endeavors plot a course from your current state to your desired state. This requires you to change the way you are doing things to chart a novel and thoughtful path to your futu... Read More

The Importance of Brand Voice

Originally published on Brands are strong and memorable when they have a distinctive, consistent, relevant brand voice. It is embedded in their ad executions across channels, in their public actions and PR, in the engagement with their fans and followers on social media, and everywhere they have a visible presence. It is expressed in their choice of language, of images, of topics, of media and of partnerships, among other things. Brands are strong and memorable when they have a distinctive, co... Read More

Understanding the concept of marketing to your future self

Originally published on How can marketers use the concept of the future self to create and launch a successful digital campaign? By now you have probably tossed out your New Year’s resolution with about 98 percent of the rest of the population. Humans reliably and almost universally terrible at trading immediate gratification for long-term improvements or future gain. It’s why we suffer from largely self-inflicted problems that some dismiss as irrational behaviors which can simply be educa... Read More

Mobile marketing: how to avoid being intrusive and creepy

Originally published on When you enter a consumer’s mobile world with commercial messaging, you carry the responsibility to respect that very personal space. A mobile device may be the last thing most users reach for before they turn off their bedside lamp at night. It’s also probably the first thing they touch in the morning, as they silence their alarms and make their first check for weather, news, and any impending crises in their coming day. It’s kept close at hand all day long, as us... Read More