Denise Zimmerman

President & CSO

Philly’s Revolution in Advertising, Marketing and Media

This article originally appeared in The Philly Ad Club. At the time this was written, the Eagles are on fire. We’re still basking in the tail lights of the NFL Draft and the Pope’s visit. We are enjoying world class restaurants, entertainment and attractions. Put short: Philly is on a roll (and I don’t mean the kind filled with hoagie). We have experienced first-hand and now enjoy the positive outcomes of the hard work and passion of our leaders, visionaries and believers who h... Read More

Social Media Defined: 10 Years Later

This column originally appeared in Philly Ad News. “The variety of stand-alone and built-in social media services currently available introduces challenges of definition…” Wikipedia Social media as applied to our industry practices has become challenging to define because it represents a profound shift in how consumers view and interact with the world. Today, social media success requires multiple layers of expertise and disciplines—such as media targeting, one to one communications, con... Read More

Is advertising dead?

Originally published on What is advertising today? The practice of advertising has become blurred across legacy and newer forms of communication; across PR, advertising, social, paid, earned media, content marketing and other industry practices. According to, Advertising is defined by, the act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television, on billboards, etc... Read More

How the shared economy changes everything

Originally published on The shared economy is so much more than the act of sharing an image, a ride, a place to crash, or even a tweet. Sharing is a socio-economic system built around the exchange of resources. It is increasingly germane to our every day experience. But what does sharing have to do with media, marketing, and advertising? Everything! Sharing is the future of our market economy. The customer journey of discovery, consideration, intent, and purchase is no longer a funnel but a ser... Read More

10 marketing phrases that have lost all meaning

Originally published on How many useless, clueless phrases, words, and anachronisms are tossed aimlessly around in our industry? Lots, right? We are an industry that continues to create meaningless terms that are distracting, even misleading at times, yet we keep churning them out as our industry evolves. Some wither away, while others become outsized to emerge as trends creating yet another tidal wave of wasted dollars, head scratching, and superficial results. Sometimes these results even land... Read More

Why the customer must come first

Originally published on For today’s marketers and advertisers, the customer must come first. In today’s world, rather than targeting demographics, we target audiences. We can buy media on exchanges and bid rates in real time rather than broadcast networks. We talk about communities, infl uencers, engagement rates and sharing more so than good old GRPs. The dramatic global shift in media consumption; changing consumer viewing habits and buyer expectations has been transformative. The demarc... Read More

Who is Creative? Raise Your Hands!

Originally published on Are there any creatives in the room? Raise your hands! At the recent iMedia breakthrough bootcamp we were asked to raise our hands if we were creatives. I didn’t know whether to raise my hand or not? How do we define creative in today’s media, marketing and advertising world? Who is creative? The summit was focused on Content & Creativity in a Programmatic World. Timely and on point. The proliferation of programmatic media juxtaposed against the increase... Read More

Why trust is key to your future

Originally published on You may have heard that the days when the big idea or creative ruled are gone; media is no longer king and we have entered a time when technology leads the way. This isn’t exactly the case. There is no one capability, skill or talent that leads. When you strip away the hyperbole and look at what works best in practice, technology is an integral driver but it cannot be parsed or singled out from other critical components that bring successful outcomes. Ideas, creative ... Read More

Mobile Trumps Desktop, People Trump Everything

The pace of change and impact of mobile adoption has struck fear in many a marketer and business owner. Headlines, sales pitches and the pervading narrative can easily distract even the most savvy and experienced.  At Netplus, we have witnessed firsthand over the past 19+ years how digital has changed and evolved consumer behavior. We have had to adapt, shift, pivot, evolve and iterate our solutions and approach accordingly. We shared a point of view with Philly Ad News recently that we have re... Read More

The 3 pillars of stellar agency advisors

Originally published on One survival strategy for agencies is to transition more into strategic and trusted advisor roles. If you’re looking to go this route, make sure you’ve got the basics down. Agency advisors are competent You cannot fake competence or expertise in key areas. As the landscape becomes more complex, a real understanding of data, technology, and industry minutia will be vital to prove to clients that you can be trusted to provide meaningful strategic advice. Tak... Read More

How Gamification Can Score Results for You

The effective use of gaming mechanics in health, wellness and Pharma marketing has been proven to have the power to change and influence behavior in measurable and impactful ways. Netplus’ game-changing work has been highlighted at leading healthcare, pharma and wellness summits such as Pharma West showcasing brands such as Merck, Airborne, Amerisource Bergen, SpongeBob SquarePants Multi-Vitamins and others. This slideshare presentation features industry insights, award-winning work examples a... Read More

Focus on buzzwords or basics?

Originally published on Core communication; why focusing on the big questions lead to success in branded content marketing In the content game, brands are not alone. In fact, they are so new to this world that the litany of other content producers, publishers, and networks are overwhelming even for consumers. There are so many places to go for advice, entertainment, opinions, and news that brands entering the content marketing space are finding it difficult to grab an audience at scale. Some bra... Read More