We love how holidays bring some of the best in branded content on social media. And Halloween is no exception. That’s why we gathered the top five brands that are raising a little hell this Halloween season.

1) Oreo: Spooky Balls Video

Source: Oreo

Fact: Oreo is always slaying the social media game, but we loved the weird awesomeness of this unique video. They somehow managed to turn your everyday recipe video into a “hipster animation” featuring kinetic typography with stop-motion-esque vibes and a hilarious audio overlay. In the end, Oreo once again proved themselves to be a content powerhouse.

2. Svedka Vodka: Banner Ad Curse Campaign

Source: Svedka Vodka via Adweek

Svedka Vodka bubbled up a data-driven approach using video and banner ads to create the “Banner Ad Curse.” Using a unique retargeting strategy to essentially have ads “stalk” you until you feel like you are forced to break the curse, this campaign is bloody brilliant.

3. Hellmann’s: Strangewich Video

Hellmann’s, we have to hand it to you on this video. Teaming up with “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard for Halloween, the mayonnaise brand combines Harry Potter vibes and a kitchen straight out of a sitcom for a clever ad that is both relatable and creative.

4. Mars Candy: Bite Size Horror Ads

Source: Mars Candy via Adweek

Who would’ve thought that your favorite Halloween candy brands could be associated with something so terrifying? Mars Candy rolled out four “Bite Size Horror” videos that will have you seriously spooked in the span of two minutes. Watch if you dare.

5. Tastemade: Halloween Cocktails 4 Ways

Halloween Cocktails 4 Ways

It's not a proper Halloween party without some deadly delicious cocktails.Full Recipes: taste.md/2yAwuJH

Posted by Tastemade on Friday, October 20, 2017

Honestly, would we expect anything less from Tastemade AKA one of the leaders of the recipe content game? Beautifully decorated from frame to frame, this video highlights four different cocktails for any adults looking to get in the Halloween spirit.

What was your favorite Halloween-themed content? Let us know!